Seattle Pipe Masters Collab; 10 Days of Flame

November 14th 2015 marked the start of Seattle Pipe Master Collab’s 2nd year, and what a great day it was! The energy was high from the beginning; artists came pouring in throughout the day ready to start working and collaborating for the next 10 days. As Pipe Masters is only in its second year, it’s still rather new but they have a fantastic concept and executed very well this year.


Domer Glass blowing glass


For 10 days, artists from all over come to 7 Point Studios in Seattle in order to collaborate with each other and create some mind-blowing glass art! This year, over 30 artists came to 7 Point Studios and absolutely crushed it day in and day out, creating some truly amazing pieces. The beauty of the Pipe Masters concept is that it offers artists the opportunity to meet other artists and immediately have the opportunity to work together. It is a great opportunity for more emerging artists, to get the chance to work with a more seasoned veteran; really opening up the younger artists avenues. We made a point of going for the entire 10 days, not just to have the first chance at the best art being created but also to see the sheer amount of dedication that goes into creating the art we all love so much. An event like this can be a great way to not only see which artists are really putting in the work, but also see how artists progress and adapt. We definitely haven’t seen another event that accommodates and takes care of artists so well, to nurture their progression, kudos to 7 Point!


2ba x Darby collab Warlock


On the other hand, they also did a fantastic job on the Collector end! Pipe Masters offers varying degrees of Collector passes; which gave access to levels of different benefits depending on the type of pass purchased. From the very basic that got you in, to the Collector pass that gave you the same access as the artists had and gave you a lot of incredible benefits. I would highly urge anyone planning to go to Pipe Masters 2016 to buy the highest level of the Collector Pass, because it really does pay off and goes to support an amazing creative space helping artists thrive. From access to an exclusive Collector only lounge space stocked with snacks and drinks, to behind the scenes access while artists blow glass allowing collectors to interact with their favorite artists while working! A truly incredible opportunity for collectors to get as far as the amount of interaction they get with artists while they create pieces that many of these collectors end up owning right after; a beautiful thing for both parties! Our hats are off to 7 Point for the incredible job with collectors, they were well taken care of and got a very amazing experience.


Erin aka EBZ crushing out a heater


There were a large amount of pieces created, as you can imagine with over 30 artists collaborating for 10 days, but we definitely had some personal favorites. Mr.Gray and Eli Glassworks created an absolutely stunning Nugget Rig that had dichro in the leaves, very beautiful. Bob Snodgrass and Scott Deppe were also in the house throwing down, but their project has not been finished; though there was a large crowd anxious to know what it was! Alex Ubatuba and Scoz Glass created an absolutely magnificent dragon piece, definitely one for the books! Our man JD came down for one day and CRUSHED out an amazing three way collaboration with Ease and Nate Dizzle, this guy is a machine and we want to give him a big congrats on his latest show at Honeydrop Glass Gallery! Make sure you check out the 7 Point Studios website for available glass from the event.


Mr.Gray x Keisuke collab


We want to give a big thank you to 7 Point, all the staff, all the artists and everyone involved for helping make the event as amazing as it was! This event is quickly growing and we STRONGLY urge collectors to make the trip to Seattle next year for this event. We see this event quickly becoming THE premier event for collectors all around!

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